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Terrell Creek cheeses can be purchased directly from us. They can also be bought through several local retailers. These include:


 Additionally, the following restaurants in southwest  Missouri use our cheeses:

We handcraft a variety of exceptional artisan cheeses using only the milk from our goats. Many of these cheeses are seasonal, however we have a number that we work to offer year-round. These include:

Chevre - Our traditional tangy goat cheese. It's fresh and creamy!
Crottin de (Ozarks) - Made in the style of the traditional French Crottin de Chavignol.
Feta - Mild Greek feta: crumbly and slightly salty.
Marinated Feta - Our traditional Feta marinated in extra virgin olive oil with sundried tomatoes, garlic and herbs.
The Dude - A cousin to Brie; The Dude is a firmer, milder bloomy rind chesse.
Jackie Blue - Aged for at least six months, our goat milk blue has a crumbly texture and classic blue notes.